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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sir Brum Esq

Sir Brum esq. the bugbear barbarian lawyer.
when creating the character on sheet i just kind of went with whatever rolls i got. having no ambition to purposefully build a character. what i got was a immensely strong barbarian with high charisma and intelligence.  so without knowing it I had a character that resembled Hank Macoy. this was a big factor on designing this smug basterd. i like the more bestial lion like look of more recent incarnations of beast but i didnt want to include the bright blue fur. so i opted for a more rusty red.
I thought it would be cool to have a character that was always trying to appear above his station. a monster with class. thus the lawyers tail coat and commerband over the amour shaped to look like a steel waistcoat. and the cute little bow tie.   below is an illustration from the current quest we're on. where he had to scoop up two party members under his arms and crash through a window to escape a burning room filled with hellhounds.

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