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Monday, 18 March 2013

the worst of times

here's a teaser trailer for the comic I've been working on when not animating. I'm hoping to get it ready to sell at my friend's stall at mcm. late victorian vampire slaying is in my opinion vastly under represented out there. you may recognise the main character from one of my erliest posts.
its taken me this long to get my arse in gear and get her story down on paper.

Friday, 15 March 2013

the Judge

"This is my claim, he said. And yet everywhere upon it are pockets of autonomous life. Autonomous. In order for it to be mine nothing must be permitted to occur upon it save by my dispensation."
this is the judge or judge holden from Cormac Mcarthy's blood meridian. a difficult but beautiful book in all its awe of nature and the easy violence dispensed in America. 
the character the judge is a villain of most astounding excellence and a character i'm still vaguely obsessing over. he fits easily into the slot of being Mephistopheles, but sometimes i still think he is the earthly embodiment of the American god. a cultured, educated, charming, passionate and evil man.