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Sunday, 16 September 2012


In the wake of the plague of terrors, millions fled to what little safety they could find. military bases where the best places but they where soon overrun. in the end only a few places remained that could offer legitimate sanctuary. on such place was fort Titus. initially the soldiers and their commanders let anyone in who showed no sign of infection. then only skilled workers then only young women.
the base became a society unto itself where the commanders rule was law. thousands still flocked to fort Titus, but none where let in. they banged at the vaulted doors until they bled but none where let in. eventually the terrors found them there and devoured the refugees encamped outside, still shrieking to be let in. then the soldiers used napalm on everything outside and cleansed the land. occasionally raiding parties venture out from camp Titus. searching for food or weapons or slaves. but nobody is allowed inside.

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