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Friday, 23 March 2012

adventures in a lost sandy world

I think you can tell what game I finally played.
I've been in a sort of artistic slump over the past week. inspiration comes in peeks and valleys, of joy and then utterly bleak feelings of nothing but self loathing.
Its been another wild ride but after a sunny day of trying to get healthy and Mr Sparrow convincing me to get Journey, made by "that game company". This game is possibly the finest looking game since red dead redemption. it is the best example of how video games are art. because well it is art. As someone aspiring to be a production artist the whole experience is like being in a world designed entirely by Hans Bacher. It was heaven.
so yeah. this piece comes from one of my favorite moments in the game where the light is so powerful and intense I had to squint my eyes.  I added the cloth character you play as an after thaught and upon looking at it he looks a little like finn from adventure time in desert garb. i may add a little jake the dog in there as well.
to play me out. Journey.


  1. best game ever! I cried when i finished it the first time!
    when you gona accept my psn friend request btw!

  2. say whaaat! i thought i had! whats yer psn?
    when you break the clouds after you almost die i shed a single manly tear.